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         Grady X Zucker 2010 litter has produced...2 QAAs, 2 Master Hunters,1  HRCH, and one is qualified forthe 2013 Master National! 

HRCH UH Zucker's Wight Lightning MH QAA


Zucker is an amazing retriever.  She has great memory and marking ability.  She busts through cover and terrain with ease.  She does not cheat on water marks.  She runs for blinds and marks so hard and with so much style that everyone, especially the judges, LOVE to watch her work!  She is an amazing hunter that finds another gear when a cripple needs to be caught.  She can take out a large wounded goose on land before it knows what hit it!  Along with having high drive and style, she is patient and will hunt all day long watching the sky for the next group to come in.  Zucker is also our house dog...a calm and loving member of our family and best friend to me and the kids.

Zucker's Pedigree


  Zucker qualified for and passed the 2009 Master National in Texas and the 2011 MN in Maryland.  She also qualified for the 2012 MN in Alabama. 
  Zucker placed 2nd in the Maryland SRS which qualified her to run the 2012 SRS Crown Championship!




OFA Hips:



65 lbs

OFA Elbows:


AKC #:


CNM Clear:


UKC #:



LR-50581/2012 Clear



Amateur Owner/Trainer/Handler:

Tracy G. Wight 
140 Canal Way
Newark, DE 19702
Email:  Tracy Wight 
  Cell: 817-243-5358







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